Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will Email Become the Next "Snail Mail"?

Being relatively new to Twitter and the blog community, I found it hard to believe that I would ever use these tools. However, a friend of mine, Deron Durflinger, helped me see how valuable using these tools can be in the education field. Because of my new obsession with these great resources, I started to wonder if email would become the new "snail mail"???

I used to rely on my inbox to give me the most updated stories and news that I needed. Then I would wast time by hunting around the web at the end of the day going from page to page to check all of my favorite news outlets. Now, with Twitter, I can receive instant updates and follow people throughout the greater education community. I can hear issues and opinions from varying educators in the field by subscribing to their blogs. Furthermore, Google Reader gives me the information at such a blazing rate that some days it is hard to keep up!

So, just like I have done with stamps, I say "goodbye" to my inbox. I won't miss your slow updates, the number of meaningless messages, or the fact that you just can't give me the information my job and life require.

Here is a great resource for educators getting started with Twitter.

My next task is to get this information in the hands of our students and learners.

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