Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Win or lose, we all are champions!

Here at Solon, we know a thing or two about being a champion.  With 4 state football titles from 2007-2010 along with many other state titles in sports and music, our student athletes know how to win.  So when our girls made the state volleyball tournament for the first time in school history, our student body was geared for another championship.

But when the final match ended, our girls, and our school were in new territory...we lost.

As a school leader, you hope your school has a culture that supports each and every person.  My hope was validated all season long as our student body rallied around each other.  The band played with heart, our students cheered, and we showed that no matter the score, we are all winners.

This is our school.

We are Solon.

And all of our students are champions!

1 comment:

  1. Right on the money Nathan. We all like to win but that is at the bottom of the list when you look for the things that really matter. Hats Off to the students and staff of Solon!