Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Solon High School Parking Regulations

Solon High School Parking Regulations

Starting Jan. 17 the high school will begin enforcing parking rules and regulations described in the handbook.  All students that drive to school will need to register their car in the high school office.  To register and receive a parking pass students will need to have the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle.  There is no cost to register and students can register multiple vehicles.  Additionally, students will need to sign this form acknowledging the guidelines below.

Below is the language in the handbook that is being changed to enforce the new regulations with suggested changes. 

Student Handbook Language- Designated student parking spaces are provided in the parking lot on the south side of the school.  Designated teacher parking spaces are provided in the parking lot on the south side of the school specifically for faculty and visitors ONLY. 

Use of “faculty/visitor” parking spaces by students on school days between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm is prohibited.  Use of “faculty/visitor” parking spaces by students will result in a $5 parking fine to be paid within five days to the school office.

Failure to pay this fine within the allotted time will result in the loss of parking privileges on school property.  Vehicles parked illegally may be subject to towing.   until such a time that the fine has been paid.  If a student has received 2 parking fines, the 3rd fine will cost the student $10.00 and a letter sent home to parents.

Students are to park in a fashion so as not to block any incoming, outgoing, or parked cars.  Students entering or leaving school grounds are to do so in a safe, orderly manner.  Violation of safe driving practices will result in the loss of parking privileges on school property. 

Students needing to get articles from their car during school hours must obtain prior approval from the office before leaving the building. 

Printed Name ____________________________________________

Student Signature ________________________________________

Parent Signature _________________________________________

School year _______________________________________________

Parking # (Office use only) _____________________________

 Student Parking Lot Procedures
  1. NO PARKING in faculty/visitor parking- violators may be towed
  2.  NO PARKING on grassy areas- violators may be towed
  3. Enter only through main entrance (see diagram)
  4.  Exit only through designated exits (see diagram)
  5.  Driving through lot is only ONE WAY
  6.  DO NOT cross entry lane to exit
  7. Obey all traffic laws


Directions for placing parking registration sticker
  1. Sticker must be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle on the rear driver’s side window
  2. Failure to register and display sticker will result in a tow from the lot.



  1. Question Nathan - I see your picture above for the directions and reserved areas.

    Why do you think its good to have faculty parking up front - I understand reserving some of those spots for guests - but faculty? Right up front?

    When I go to Menards, employees have spots they must park in. The spots are designated by a different color paint - and they are on the perimeter.

    Maybe I just don't understand, and I think the safety factor you point out is very valid. And, if people have violations, then they need to get penalized.

    But it feels like the kids are the customers here. Just a thought.

    1. Great point Tom- I think, too often, we forget that the students are the customers!

      We have quite a few staff that travel between the middle school and high school and this allows them to save time between buildings.

      Plus, it's one of the few "perks" I can offer staff that doesn't cost a thing!