Monday, March 5, 2012

March is "Risk Free Month of Teaching" at Solon High School

Below is a letter I sent to my staff today.  This idea comes from a colleague of mine that sent a similar letter to his staff.

Dear Solon High School Staff,
Today is the first full week of March which kicks off the “Risk Free Month of Teaching”. During the month, you are encouraged to explore an exercise, lab, or lesson plan which  you have not tried in the past. Research has shown that when a student or teacher takes a risk and attempts to stretch their knowledge, success of the risk is irrelevant. It is the learning process which makes us all grow.
Please take this month to grow your knowledge and strengthen your skills in your content area, pedagogy and/or with technology.  I fully support your efforts in trying something new. 

Success of your risk taking is not a factor, your effort and attempt is what matters most.

Best of luck and most important of all, have fun trying!

Oh, and have a great spring break!

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