Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Annual: High School Hiatus

Solon High School had the first annual "High School Hiatus" today.  Regular classes were cancelled and students were able to take advantage of a much needed break.  Teachers have been collaborating for a couple weeks to offer games, movies, and other fun activities for students to enjoy.

The idea comes from Wartburg College's annual Outfly tradition.  Each year, students and college leaders select a day where classes are cancelled so students can enjoy socializing and building relationships with their peers.

Today, Mr. Wear enlisted the help of several eager seniors who ran through the halls announcing, "HIGH SCHOOL HIATUS!"  Seniors had permission to make as much noise as possible, bang on the doors, and disrupt the classrooms to announce the start of our hiatus.  Once the rest of the student body got over the shock of the announcement, the fun began!  The smiles and laughs were contagious.  Just another reason why our school has the best kids and staff.

We strive for students to remember all of our teachings but these are the times we never forget.

Card Games

Bunco Tournament

Bunco Tournament

The Spice Girls Music Video

Baking cupcakes

Big Bang Theory Marathon

Wii Games

Call of Duty
XBox Kinect- Just Dance
Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament
Gym Games

Bean Bags


  1. This is impressive- I would like to do something like this in my district`

  2. I am impressed with this and hope to do something similar to this in my own district this year~